Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tamale and Damongo

We are in Tamale waiting for the van's air conditioner to be fixed. It was so good to see Abraham again. He told us that the children and staff at the Redemption Children's Home were SO excited that Ghana won the game against USA. He said that we will get teased alot. When the Dutch won the game against Ghana, the children did not want to be with the Dutch volunteers. So we are prepared to be teased! We will watch Friday night's game at Abraham's house. It will be another exciting game in the World Cup.

It feels so good to be in a more quiet area. No hectic traffic . . .more chickens . . . more goats . . . . and today it is cloudy and rainy. It feels good.

I am not looking forward to the ride from Tamale to Damongo. It is like riding in a ditch dodging holes and the washboard effect is not fun at all. It will be a good time to sing.

I am hoping that we can get clean water to Damongo and Larabunga sometime. Maybe that can be our next project.

We will be meeting with the Chief of Damongo, working with the children at the Redemption Children's Home, and teach in one of the schools. One of the children who lived at the home was selected from his region for a soccer team. This is very cool . . . . no wonder he ran circles around the students last summer during soccer!

We are doing good so far . . . no worries. Jason and Ben - what do you want from Ghana!!??
Love, Mom/Janaan


  1. Glad to hear you're well and in a less hectic area. It was a good hot 4th of July here, lots of beach-goers and Summer Celebration fans. Perfect weather for them.

    I seem to have misplaced Helen's #, so I haven't called her, which I feel bad about. If you have any contact with/from her, please let her know I'd like to hear from her.

    So...miss you here, but glad to read your posts and visualize you having such an awesome experience. Love you!! Karla

  2. Looking forward to seeing you, my amazing friend!!!!

    Love you,